THD/CBNA: Why Are They On My Credit Report?

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If you’ve noticed an odd entry on your credit report under the name THD/CBNA, you may be wondering who they are.

CBNA is a significant player in the banking industry, with a large variety of products on the market.

What Does THD/CBNA Stand For?

And for those who are wondering what THD/CBNA stands for, it’s The Home Depot Citibank North America

THD/CBNA was created from the merger between Home Depot Financial Services and Citibank.

Citibank North America (CBNA) is currently the fourth-largest bank in the United States.

What Is THD/CBNA On My Credit Report?

Whenever you apply for a new credit card, the bank will need to verify your credit. Citibank will run a hard inquiry which will stay on your credit report for up to two years. 

If you applied for a Home Depot loan or any of the following cards offered through Citi, then you should notice a THD/CBNA entry one or all three of your credit reports (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian);

  • The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card
  • The Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge Card
  • The Home Depot Commercial Account
  • The Home Depot Project Loan

The same applies if you’ve been added to a THD/CBNA credit card or loan as an authorized user, the bank will run a hard pull.

Now, if you only submitted a prequalification form for a Home Depot card, the entry on your credit report would be a soft pull, having no impact on your credit score.

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How to Remove THD/CBNA from Your Credit Report

You would not be able to seek removal if you did, in fact, apply for a loan or a Home Depot card. 

However, if the entry does not coincide with any applications you’ve made within the last two years, you should take steps to address the unauthorized hard pull on your credit report.

 You want to make sure there is no reporting error on your credit report or, worse, a case of an identity thief. 

  1. Contact Citibank North America for details regarding the inquiry. Why was hard pull put through? What proof do they have on file?
  2. If you suspect identify thief, you can start by placing a freeze on your credit reports by reaching out to each credit bureau individually (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion).
  3. Report the suspected identity thief to the Federal Trade Commission.
  4. Dispute any hard inquiries that were put through by any of the credit bureaus. Each bureau will investigate and remove any errors that are confirmed. 

Other Retail Cards Issued by CBNA

Citibank offers a variety of retail store cards and credit cards for consumers to enjoy. Some other popular CBNA cards are;

  • Best Buy
  • Sears
  • Staples
  • ExxonMobil
  • Office Depot
  • Tractor Supply Co.

Monitoring Your Credit Report

The best way to limit issues is to stay ahead of them. Visit each year to request your free credit report from each bureau.

 While this is an important step to take, it really is the bare minimum, as a lot can happen within a year. Monitoring your credit throughout the year is essential and be easily done by signing for free credit monitoring.

With Credit Karma, you will be able to view your credit score, get alerts, and review weekly Equifax and TransUnion updates. 

Need Help From a Credit Repair Professional?

If you rather leave the hassle and stress of dealing with creditors and credits bureaus behind, a quality credit repair company can provide significant help.

Credit repair companies like Credit Saint specialize in disputing inaccuracies found on credit reports and getting them removed.

You can start with a free consultation to see if credit repair services are the right fit for you.

THD/CBNA Customer Service Number

Consumer Credit Card: 1-800-677-0232

Commercial Revolving Charge Card: 1-800-685-6691

Commercial Credit Card: 1-800-395-7363

Project Loan: 1-877-476-3860

THD/CBNA Addresses

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THD/CBNA: Why Is It on My Credit Report?