What Is SYNCB/PPC On My Credit Report?

SYNCB/PPC on your credit history

If you’ve noticed an odd entry on your credit report under the name SYNCB/PPC, you may be wondering who they are.  

With so many banking abbreviations appearing on credit reports these days, it can get a little confusing. 

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What Does SYNCB/PPC Stand For?

Whenever you see SYNCB/PPC on your credit report, it’s short for Synchrony Bank PayPal Credit.


Synchrony Financial is a publicly-traded company that offers financial services to consumers and small businesses through three sales platforms; CareCredit, Retail Cards, and Payment Solutions. 

Their subsidiary Synchrony Bank comes into play by extending the necessary credit for those products and services. 

In 2018, Synchrony Financial and PayPal extended their partnership with Paypal selling approximately 6.9 billion of its consumer credit receivables to Synchrony. 

Since the sale, PayPal Credit is offered exclusively by Synchrony Bank for U.S. clients; their agreement runs into 2028.

Why Is SYNCB/PPC On My Credit Report?

If you recently applied for a PayPal credit account or even have an old Pay Me Later account, then syncb-ppc appearing on your credit report is quite normal. 

In these cases, Synchrony needs to run a hard inquiry before approving a credit line. Hard inquiries will always appear on your credit report when applying for new credit.

However, according to Fortune, some consumers were shocked to find their dormant Pay Me Later accounts suddenly appearing on their credit reports. 

Since the SYNCB PPC partnership has taken place, it would appear that Synchrony Bank has decided to start reporting accounts to the credit bureaus and some for the first time.

This decision has unfortunately left some dormant and even closed account holders with a sudden drop in their credit scores.

If you have never used Pay Me Later or PayPal Credit, it’s time to contact Synchrony Bank for more information.

Reporting errors are always a possibility but so are cases of identity theft. It’s best to take immediate action to protect your credit.

Other Store and Credit Cards Issued by SYNCB

Synchrony Bank has a long list of credit cards and store cards they offer through their platform. 

With over 100 credit card options currently on the market, it’s easy to find yourself with at least one SYNCB credit card in your wallet and on your credit reports. 

A few credit cards and store cards issued by Synchrony Bank;

Synchrony Credit Cards

  • PayPal Extras Mastercard
  • PayPal Cashback Mastercard
  • Walmart Personal Mastercard
  • Sam’s Club Personal Mastercard
  • Verizon Visa Rewards Card
  • Synchrony Car Care Credit Card
  • TJX Rewards® Platinum Mastercard®

SYNCB Store Cards

  • Amazon Store Card
  • TJX Store Card
  • Big Sandy Superstore
  • Banana Republic Store Card
  • American Eagle Outfitters Store Card
  • American Signature Furniture Store Card
  • Chevron And Texaco: Techron Advantage Premium Card

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SYNCB/PPC Payment Address

Payments for PayPal Credit can be mailed out to the following address:

You can also make a payment by calling the PPC customer service number below.

SYNCB/PPC Customer Service Phone Number

Paypal Credit customer service: 1-844-373-4961

To speak with Synchrony directly: 877-295-2080

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What Is SYNCB/PPC And Why Are They On My Credit Report?