How To Remove Hunter Warfield From Your Credit Report

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If Hunter Warfield Inc is contacting you or is appearing on your credit report, you likely have a debt with one of their clients.

Hunter Warfield is a debt collection agency offering its services to businesses in multiple fields such as property management, commercial services, and financial services, to name a few.

Dealing with a debt collector is never appealing, but your credit score can be affected for up to seven years if left unresolved.

Our comprehensive guide will help you take the necessary steps to remove Hunter Warfield from your credit report.

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Who is Hunter Warfield?

Hunter Warfiled, Inc. is a collections agency that has been in business since 2004. 

Their offices are based in Tampa, Florida, and according to their Dun & Bradstreet profile, they currently have about 130 employees and make an estimated 19.89 million USD per year.

While Hunter Warfield is a legitimate revenue recovery agency, they have no Better Business Bureau accreditation, and their current rating is ‘B.’

Who Does Hunter Warfield Collect For?

Hunter Warfield focuses on offering its collection services to businesses collecting on the following types of debts;

  • Property management debt
  • Overdue medical bills
  • Unpaid utilities
  • Credit cards debt
  • Funeral cost bills

Plus, their Resident Precollect program offers clients additional services to start the debt recovery process before the accounts go to collections.

Hunter Warfiled, Inc. states, “…to minimize the number and amount of accounts referred to collections…”

4 Ways to Remove Hunter Warfield from Your Credit Report

Hire A Credit Repair Professional

While you can always attempt to remove the Hunter Warfield collection agency from your credit report on your own, your best chance is to leave the task to a credit repair professional.

A credit repair company like Credit Saint specializes in helping individuals repair their credit and, in turn, rebuild their credit scores.

Credit Saint’s team will manage the necessary tasks of corresponding with any creditors or debt collectors that have been in contact, or you noticed reported on your credit reports.

They will also send all necessary documentation and file any required disputes on your behalf.

When handling matters as important as your credit, it’s ok to seek help and guidance from the most trusted professionals in the field.

Mail a Debt Validation Letter

If you decide to DIY your way through, the first step would be to send a debt validation letter to Hunter Warfield.

Be sure to submit your debt validation letter within 30 days of being contacted by Hunder Warfield Inc.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) allows a consumer these 30 days to draft and submit their letter to the agency. By failing to submit a letter, you are effectively claiming the debt as your own.

Whenever submitting documentation to a creditor or debt collector, be sure to send it by certified mail and keep your receipt with tracking.

Hunter Warfield will review your file and send forward any documentation validating your debt. In that case, you are responsible for making the payments.

If Hunter Warfield collections cannot confirm the debt is yours, they need to communicate with the three major credit bureaus to remove the posted negative entries.

Negotiate a Settlement

If you find yourself in a situation where Hunter Warfield can confirm the debt, you will need to consider negotiating a settlement with them.

Unfortunately, simply paying the debt off does not mean that your credit report will be clear of the collections account and that your credit score will go up.

Once a debt collections account is posted, it will remain on your credit report for seven years.

That’s why, when you are negotiating with Hunter Warfield, you should aim for a pay-for-delete agreement.

You are essentially offering Hunter Warfield Inc. your payment in exchange for them deleting the negative entry from your credit reports. You can also attempt to negotiate on the full amount due by offering half the overdue amount and negotiating up from that starting point.

Remember that all agreements should be documented in writing before making a single payment. Treat this settlement as you would any other contract, so unless you are holding the written agreement in hand, consider it non-existent.

Once the agreement is received, and you have made your payment, follow up after 30 days by checking your credit reports. If the negative entries are still present, it’s time to contact Hunter Warfield to follow up on your settlement agreement.

Request a Goodwill Deletion

Sometimes even with the best of intentions, you may be unable to secure a settlement with Hunter Garfield.

In these types of situations, you may ultimately decide to let the professionals handle the matter, or you can request a goodwill deletion.

With a goodwill deletion request, you would need to submit a letter to Hunter Warfield.

A goodwill letter is typically the only type of letter sent to a collections agency where you would include information about your personal circumstances and are actively trying to appeal to their sense of compassion.

Include any particular life events or circumstances that prevented you from making your payments on time. Some examples would be the death of a family member, a job layoff, or a medical emergency.

While sending a goodwill deletion request is not a guarantee, if you have any supporting documentation, you can include it; this may help tip the scales in your favor.

Can Hunter Warfield Sue Me or Garnish My Wages?

The FDCPA prohibits debt collectors from falsely threatening to sue debtors unless they actually have plans to file suit.

However, collections agencies can indeed sue in civil court provided the statute of limitations is still in effect.

The same applies to wage garnishment; Hunter Warfield cannot make false threats but should they wish, they can pursue you in states which allow for wages to be garnished.

Hunter Warfield Complaints

Complaints regarding collection agencies like Hunter Warfield are unfortunately not uncommon.

At the time of this article, Hunter Warfield Inc. has 451 closed complaints in the last three years and 155 within the last twelve months. They also have a large collection of complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Complaints range from Hunter Warfield trying to collect from the wrong individual, inaccurate information, and failure to validate debts.

According to the CFPB, during one of their Monthly Complaint reports “using a three-month rolling average,” Hunter Warfield had the highest
rate of untimely responses.

How Do I Contact Hunter Warfield?

Although we recommend restricting your communication to certified mail, you can reach Hunter Warfield the following ways;

Mailing Address: 4620 Woodland Corporate Blvd., Tampa, FL 33614

Hunter Warfield customer service phone number: (888) 494-9902

For more information, visit

FAQ About Hunter Warfield

Hwarfield is better known as Hunter Warfield, Inc., a debt collection agency located in Tampa, Florida.

They have likely been hired to collect on an old debt of yours with one of their clients.

Hunter Warfield offers a free online service to resolve your debt without speaking with a live agent.

This option should be reserved for individuals not striving to remove the negative entry from their credit reports.

Hunter Warfield offers collection services to a variety of clients within property management, medical, utilities, funeral, and credit card fields.

When hired, Hunter Warfield receives the consumer’s information to begin the collections process.


While handling any collections file is unpleasant, having a plan of action is the first step.

While it can be tempting to avoid overwhelming subjects, leaving a Hunter Warfield collection on your credit report can have long-lasting effects on your credit score and future credit needs.

Whether you choose to validate the debt, negotiate a settlement, request a goodwill deletion, or hire a credit repair specialist, taking action is key to starting the credit repair process.

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How To Remove Hunter Warfield From Your Credit Report