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The Fit Mastercard is an unsecured credit card generally geared towards people with limited credit or bad credit. 

While completing a Fit Mastercard application can be appealing due to its credit bureau reporting, the card’s high fees can be a turnoff. 

Fit Mastercard Overview

With so many credit cards on the market, who is the Fit MasterCard for? 

The FIT Mastercard targets people looking to build their credit from scratch or improve their bad credit history. 

With an inclusive application process, getting accepted should not be too difficult if you can swing the required fees. 

There is a one-time processing fee of $89, on top of the annual fee of $99. Once you have passed the first twelve months, there is also a monthly maintenance fee of $6.25.  

With an annual percentage rate (APR) of 29.99%, the Fit card should only be used if you are confident you will pay off your entire balance each month. 

By diligently paying off your monthly balance, you can avoid the high interest rate, benefit from the monthly reporting to the three major credit bureaus and start building your positive credit history. 

Is the Fit Mastercard Legit?

Yes, the Fit Mastercard is legit. The fit Mastercard is issued by the Bank of Missouri, which has 35 different locations across the state. 

 Continental Finance offers the fit credit card, which prides itself by contributing to the market many other products aimed at helping individuals with “less-than perfect credit.” 

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Pros vs. Cons of the Fit Mastercard Credit Card

While applying for prime credit cards from the start would be amazing, when you struggle with a bad credit history or little credit history, you generally have to start with less favorable cards. 

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons to determine if the Fit card is the right choice for you. 


  • Straightforward applications: The application process is fast and easy, providing results in just a few seconds after submitting the required information.
  • Odds of Qualifying: You have good chances of getting approved for a Fit Mastercard credit card. Although your history will be reviewed, there are no set credit score requirements listed on their website. 
  • Decent credit limit: For a starter card, the $400 initial credit limit is fair. After using the card for six months, you can apply for a potential increase.
  • Payment history: Each month, Continental Services will report to the three major credit bureaus to help build or rebuild your positive credit history.
  • Free credit score: By enrolling in e-statements, you can access your free monthly Vantage 3.0 score from TransUnion to monitor your progress. 
  • Additional card perks: Fit card members can view and make payments using the Online account management system. They also have access to the mobile app and credit protection program. 


  • Processing fee: The FIT Mastercard’s one-time processing fee of $89 is quite steep.
  • High Fees: The Fit card, unfortunately, comes with additional fees; an annual fee of $99, a monthly maintenance fee of $6.25, an additional card fee of $30 (for a second user on the account), late payment/returned payment fee of $40. 
  • Elevated APR: The 29.99% APR for the Fit Mastercard is a critical point to consider. 

While not necessarily a con, you will be expected to have a debit card to apply; your debit card will be used to cover the ongoing monthly fees. 

How to Apply for a FIT Card

The FIT Mastercard application process is simple and straightforward. Everything can be done online;

1) Visit the Fit Mastercard website and click on the red “apply now” button. You will be directed to the application table to fill in.

2) Complete the form under the heading “Start Application” and click the yellow “Continue Your Application” button once done. 

3) Follow the remaining instructions and finally submit your application. You should receive a decision within seconds to a few minutes.

Be sure you are a US resident and at least 18 years (19 years old for Alabama). 

FIT Mastercard FAQ

There are no listed credit score requirements for the FIT Mastercard credit card.

Yes, you can use your Fit card anywhere that Mastercard is accepted.

You can apply for a FIT credit card increase after six months. Your account will be reviewed at that time to verify your eligibility.

The FIT card’s processing fee is currently set at $89. This expense is a one-time fee.

The FIT Mastercard offers a starting credit limit is $400. However, the annual fee will be deducted from your starting credit, thereby reducing your initial available credit.


With its high fees and annual percentage rate, the FIT Mastercard can be a risky credit card to choose without a firm grasp on your budgeting.

If you plan to exclusively use your Fit card for small monthly purchases that you pay off entirely each month, then you can benefit from the monthly reporting done to the major credit bureaus.

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Fit Mastercard Review