Edge Elite Card Review: Get All The Details!

If you are struggling with limited credit and are in need of a quick line of credit, the Edge Elite card may be of interest to you.

With a simple application process, a decent line of credit, and 0.00% APR, the Edge Elite credit card provides quick and easy access to their online catalog store.

However, with high monthly fees and a $250 minimum monthly payment when using your entire available credit, you are likely better off with a secured credit card.

What is the Edge Elite Card?

The Edge Elite card, also known as a catalog credit card, is issued by Unique Card Services.

The Edge Elite credit card can be used exclusively to make purchases through the Unique Outlet online store, which carries a line of goods in the electronic, health, beauty, home, and office departments.

The catalog card application process is done online, and there are no application fees for the initial step.

Consumers are provided with up to $1000 unsecured line of credit upon approval with a 0.00% annual percentage rate.

The Edge Elite card may be ideal for consumers strapped for a quick line of credit. However, there is little information regarding Unique Card Services’ habits for reporting consumer activity to the credit bureaus.

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Is the Edge Elite Card a Scam?

No, the Edge Elite card itself is legitimate.

While the card may be legit, the complaints submitted to the BBB for the card issuer Unique Card Services are less than favorable.

Unique Card Services has been in business for the last ten year.

They are not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and their current rating is “F”.

An “F” rating is the lowest possible rating on the BBB scoring scale.

The BBB has posted a notice regarding a pattern of complaints regarding Unique Card Services.

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Pros vs. Cons for the Edge Elite Card

Each credit card has positives and negatives, the key is to evaluate whether the pros outweigh the cons for your particular needs.

Edge Elite Card Pros

  • No credit check: Your application does not rely on examining your credit history, making the Edge card a convenient option for consumers with limited or bad credit.
  • Decent credit limit: With a $1000 credit limit, the Edge Elite credit card offers a reasonable credit limit for an unsecured credit card that does not require a credit check.
  • No interest rate: There is a 0.00% annual percentage rate (APR) on purchases made with your Edge Elite card. While there are no interest fees, there are high minimum payments (see the con’s section).

Elite Card Cons

  • Limited usage: As this is a catalog card, your purchases are restricted to the Edge Elite Outlet, which limits your ability to use your card freely in other stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc. 
  • Payments: Monthly payments include either a 15% payment of the account balance or $25 (whichever is greater). Balances less than $25 require full payment. An important aspect to note is that if your entire available credit is used, then a $250 payment is required. 
  • Membership fees: As with most catalog cards, they often have steep fees that can undo the benefits of the card’s perks. The membership itself comes with a $29.95 application fee and a monthly fee of $19.95 to maintain the membership.
  • Not ideal for credit repair: There is no clear information regarding which credit reporting agencies receive updates (if any) and at which frequency. 

Their terms & conditions do list some state-specific notices, but given the lack of information, the Edge Elite card should not be your first choice if your goal is credit repair. 

Edge Elite Credit Card Minimum Requirements

Before getting started with your catalog card application, you will need to meet the following requirements; 

  • You must be at a minimum 18 years old
  • U.S. citizen or permenant resident
  • Have no undischarged bankruptcies
  • Be from a state other than Wisconsin, Vermont, or Indiana
  • Have an active and valid debit card, credit card, checking, or savings account

What is a Catalog Card Credit?

Catalog cards provide a credit line that allows for purchases exclusively from an online catalog or online store.

In the case of the Edge Elite credit card, the card’s line of credit is available to use on the MyUnique Outlet Shopping Club website.

How to Apply for an Edge Elite Card

The Edge Elite credit card application process is straightforward. 

The website is simple and direct; you can click on the flashing Apply Now button or scroll down directly to the form, as seen in the image below.

Edge Elite Card Application Form

Fill in the form, then check either the yes or no option regarding whether you have an active checking account or not.

Finally, check the I confirm box and click the orange button to continue with your application.

We were shown multiple unrelated offers when testing the Edge Elite credit card application process before reaching the Congratulations page. 

These offers are likely presented to each applicant, but you can choose to accept or decline each offer individually.

Approval Application Page

Does the Edge Elite Card Report to the Credit Bureaus?

There is, unfortunately, very little information available on this topic.

Unique Card Services confirms that they won’t review your credit history for the initial activation process; however, once activated, they reserve the right to review your credit file to maintain your membership.

Section 26 of the terms and conditions specify that they may disclose information to the credit reporting agencies.

In section 31, you can find state-specific notices for California, Florida, New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

While the reporting details are unclear, ensuring timely payments is always best to avoid any adverse effect on your credit score.

As we cannot confirm if Edge will report your payment activity to the credit bureaus, there is no guarantee you can use the Edge Elite card to rebuild your credit score.

Edge Elite Credit Card Reviews

As discussed a little earlier, there is a pattern in the complaints received against Unique Card Services.

 According to the BBB, the complaints focus primarily on “Advertising, Billing and Collections and Customer Service.

It would appear that consumers were allegedly led to believe that they were signing up for a standard credit card instead of a catalog card. 

Consumers allege that they signed up for what they believed was a regular credit card, only to find out it can only be used at the online store provided by the company.

Better Business Bureau

Other complaints center around the card’s monthly fees; some consumers indicate not being made aware of the memberships costs. Others claim they did not sign up for the card at all.

There are also complaints regarding the catalog store where most items are unavailable when trying to purchase, although they initially appear in stock.

Edge Elite Credit Card Alternatives

While the Edge Elite card may be of interest, they are alternative cards that offer better value and can help rebuild your credit score with timely payments.

1. OpenSky Secured Visa

You can apply for an OpenSky secured Visa card with limited or bad credit. There is an annual fee of $35, but you still save a significant amount throughout the year compared to the Edge Elite’s membership fees.

  • APR: 17.39%
  • Annual Fee: $35
  • Security deposit: $200 – $3000 (choose your credit limit)
  • Reports to the 3 major credit bureaus
  • Limited – Bad credit

2. Petal 1 Credit Card

The Petal 1 card is an unsecured credit card that has no annual fee, is available for consumers with bad or even no credit history. Petal 1 uses its exclusive Cash Score method to determine your creditworthiness. 

  • No annual fee
  • Variable APR 19.99 – 29.49%
  • Credit limit $500 – $5000
  • Leap program for higher credit limits (Max $5000)
  • Cashback rewards
  • No credit required

Final Thoughts on the Edge Elite Credit Card

If you are short of credit and searching for a catalog credit card to help make some specific purchases, the Edge Elite card may be of interest to you.

With the possibility of up to $1000 of available credit with a 0.00% APR, the Edge Elite club membership can be a convenient outlet for medium-large purchases.

However, the membership fees, minimum monthly payments (up to $250), restrictions on card usage, and limited information on their credit reporting practices are all important points to consider and compare with more beneficial credit cards.

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