Care Credit Required Credit Score For 2021

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Do you have a medical emergency and are interested in Care Credit? Will you be required to have at least a “good” credit score to be eligible for the card?

Those who are self-employed or without insurance are more likely to need the CareCredit credit card.

So let’s review the details you need to know about the Care Credit required minimum credit score and other information you need to know before applying for your CareCredit credit card.

Who Is Care Credit?

CareCredit is a medical credit card issued by Synchrony Bank, offered nationwide with over 225,000 providers.

From procedures at hospitals to dentistry, chiropractic care, LASIK, weight loss, hearing aid consultations, and even veterinary care, CareCredit offers various medical services that qualify for financing.

CareCredit even offers promotional no-interest rate periods for charges over $200, and there is no annual fee. With this card, you can purchase your medical needs now and pay monthly.

What Credit Score is Needed for CareCredit?

While Care Credit does not directly state the minimum required credit score, users on myFICO state having been approved with credits scores in the 600’s. One user was approved with a score of 638, including three collections on their credit report.

One CareCredit user indicated in their Credit Karma review as being approved for $2000 with a credit score of just above 550.

While applying with a credit score above 600 is the safest approach, CareCredit also offers a prequalification process to evaluate your chances of approval. 

Does Care Credit Hurt Your Credit?

Does CareCredit do a hard pull? Well, if you only requested a prequalification, the process will only require a soft pull, so your credit score will not be impacted. 

However, to complete the entire CareCredit application, the process will trigger a hard pull. A hard pull will affect your credit score but generally no more than 10 points. 

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How Does CareCredit Work?

CareCredit is a credit card that is intended to help you pay medical expenses not covered by your insurance. You can even use it to purchase healthcare equipment or use your Care Credit for pets.

 With CareCredit, you have access to promotional financing options that are not always available with other card issuers. The Care Credit card allows you to make monthly payments for major medical expenses instead of paying all at once in full. 

How to Prequalify for Care Credit?

  1. Click the gray “Prequalify” button on the homepage.
  2. Select your healthcare category inside the dropdown menu and then click “Get Started.”
  3. Enter the last four digits of your SSN/ITIN and your mobile number. Press “Continue.”
  4. Complete the form, check the consent box, and press the green “See if I Prequalify” button.

If you receive a positive prequalification, you can then decide if you want to complete the Care Credit application.

CareCredit Phone Number

You can use their automated system to verify your approval status by calling (800) 677-0718. You can also use this number to apply with a live agent, Monday through Friday, between 9 am to 9 pm (EST).

For their general customer service department, dial (866) 893- 7864.

Where Can I Use My CareCredit Credit Card?

Using Care Credit’s online tool, you can locate a business or doctor in your local area; just do a quick search by name.

You can also use your CareCredit card at certain retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, Sam’s Club for qualifying in-store purchases.

Is Care Credit available in Canada?

Canadian residents are welcome to apply; however, applications must be made in person at a provider’s U.S. location.  

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Care Credit Required Credit Score