What is a BRCLYSBANKDE Credit Inquiry?

women reviewing her BRCLYSBANKDE credit inquiry

Have you been reviewing your credit report and discovered an unknown entry by the name of BRCLYSBANKDE?

It would be great if credit reports were clear all the time, but that is not always the case. So what is BRCLYSBANKDE?

This reporting code is a BRCLYSBANKDE credit inquiry put through by Barclays Bank Delaware.

These types of entries are generally hard inquiries put through when you apply for a loan or submit a credit card application.

While you may not have made an application directly with Barclays, they have affiliations with many partners. Check out the list of partners linked to Barclays below.

Let’s review how best to proceed if you did not apply for a loan or credit card with any of these companies.

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What is BRCLYSBANKDE Credit Inquiry?

Barclays is a global financial service provider focused on credit cards, savings, and CD accounts. They also offer personal loans, but it is on an invitation basis only.

Barclays partner’s with various companies in multiple industries such as retail, travel, entertainment.

Given their expansive products, you may have applied for one of the 26 credit cards they offer across their partners and now find yourself with a Barclay credit inquiry on your credit report.

List of Barclay credit cards currently offered:

  • AAdvantage Aviator & AAdvantage Aviator Red – MasterCards
  • Barclaycard Visa
  • Barclaycard Arrival Plus – World Elite MasterCard
  • Barclaycard Ring – MasterCard
  • Barnes & Noble – MasterCard
  • Carnival World – MasterCard
  • Choice Privileges – Visa Signature Card
  • Diamond Resorts World – MasterCard
  • Emirates Skywards Rewards – World Elite Mastercard
  • Frontier Airlines – World MasterCard
  • Hawaiian Airlines – Business MasterCard
  • Hawaiian Airlines – World Elite MasterCard
  • Holland America Line – Rewards Visa
  • JetBlue Business Card
  • JetBlue Card – MasterCard
  • JetBlue Plus Card – MasterCard
  • Miles & More Lufthansa – World Elite MasterCard
  • NFL Extra Points – Visa card
  • Priceline Rewards – Visa card
  • Princess Cruises Rewards – Visa Card
  • RCI Elite Rewards – MasterCard
  • The NEW AARP essential Rewards – Mastercard from Barclays
  • Uber Visa Card
  • Upromise – MasterCard
  • Wyndham Rewards – Visa cards

An application for any of these cards could result in BRCLYSBANKDE appearing on your report.

How long do hard credit inquiries stay on your credit report?

You can expect a hard credit check to stay on your credit report for two years.

A hard credit check is the standard process when you apply for a loan or credit card.

Not to be confused with a soft inquiry, where only your credit score will be checked. Soft inquiries generally occur when your get pre-approved for a credit card or loan. Even checking your own credit score can result in a soft inquiry.

Creditors need to evaluate your creditworthiness for your application, and a hard credit check provides them with your credit history.

While a hard credit check can affect your credit score, this should not be of too much concern to you as the score will only drop a few points.

However, if you are applying for numerous loans or credit cards, this would result in multiple inquiries and a higher drop in your score.

If you would like to review your credit reports, you can get a free copy from either TransUnion, Experian, or Equifax, here.

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Can a Barclays Bank Delaware hard inquiry be removed from my credit report?

While not all situations are created equal, you may be able to get a hard credit check removed from your credit report.

If you have not applied for a loan or credit card from Barclays or any of their partners, you can try a couple of different steps for getting your report up to date.

Dispute the Hard Inquiry with Barclays and the Credit Bureaus

It is paramount to ensure that your credit report is accurate.

If you have an unwarranted brclysbankde credit inquiry, then you need to advise each of the credit bureaus that contain this inaccuracy.

Take advantage of the 30 days allotted to you by the Fair Credit Reporting Act to file your dispute. The thirty days start from the time the inquiry was added to your credit report.

You will need to mail a letter to Barclays advising them of the issue. We also recommend sending a letter of dispute to each of the credit bureaus, which lists the BRCLYSBANKDE credit inquiry.

By disputing the inaccurate entry, the bureaus should delete the BRCLYSBANKDE credit inquiry from your credit report.

While incorrect entries can be a frustrating occurrence, reporting issues can be the result of fraudulent activity, so you always want to address any credit report issues promptly.

Get Help from a Credit Repair Company

If you prefer leaving the task of disputing a hard inquiry to the professionals, you can acquire the help of a credit repair company.

A good credit repair company can help address other potential issues on your report if need be.

Some of their specialties include tackling collection agencies, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and let’s not forget negative entries on your credit report.

Barclays Fraud Prevention Number

If you suspect there to be any fraudulent activity on your account, you can contact Barclays customer security team at (866) 928-8598.

Their office is located at 125 S West St, Wilmington, DE 19801-5014

Barclays’s website: http://www.barclaycardus.com

Self-service – quick transactions:  1-877-523-0478


By following the steps listed above, getting BRCLYSBANKDE Off your report should not be too much of an issue.

Once they cannot produce any loan or credit card application, the inaccurate entry should be removed. 

For genuine applications, keep in mind that performing a hard inquiry is the standard procedure. Avoid applying for unnecessary credit cards that you do not need. 

If you just need a single loan or credit card, your credit score will drop by a few points but not significantly. Your credit will be back to normal after two years.

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What is a BRCLYSBANKDE Credit Inquiry?