How To Remove Avante USA From Your Credit Report

Avante USA

Have you received a phone call from Avante USA or, worse, have you suddenly noticed a posted collections account on your credit reports?

Our thorough guide will give you the necessary information regarding Avante collections and how best to tackle their collections efforts and protect your credit score.

What Is Avante USA?

Avante USA is a debt collection agency. Their headquarters are located in Houston, Texas.

The Avante collection agency is not new to debt collecting; they are an established company that has been in business since 2003. 

Avante focuses its collection endeavors in the following divisions;

  • Credit Card, retail, commercial, education, and auto
  • Health care receivables and billing
  • Insurance follow-up and denial
  • Debt buyers servicing

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Is Avante Collections Legitimate or a Scam?

AvanteUSA, Ltd., is indeed a legitimate company. Avante collections were founded in 2013 and are categorized as a medium-sized agency operating out of Texas.

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Should I Negotiate or Pay Avante USA?

While it can be tempting to pick up the phone to negotiate with Avante collections or even pay the balance in full, these approaches will not help the damage done to your credit score.

Once a collections account is posted to your credit history, it will impact your credit score for up to seven years unless you can get it removed.

Fortunately, you can try some possible steps to hopefully get the Avante collection agency removed from your credit report.

How To Remove Avante USA From Your Credit Report

Dealing with debt collectors can be an overwhelming experience. But luckily, there are credit specialists available to help you, or you can attempt the following steps to try and remove Avante collections from your credit reports.

1. Request Debt Validation From Avante USA

Based on the complaints issued with the BBB, AvanteUSA allegedly has a history of reporting to the credit bureaus without first validating the debts.

Luckily the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act still requires debt collectors to verify the debts they attempt to collect from consumers. 

You have thirty days to submit your debt validation letter from the time Avante USA is first in contact with you. 

In the event that Avante debt collector is unable to validate the debt due to missing or incomplete documentation, they will need to remove the listed tradeline from your credit reports. 

2. Negotiate a Pay-For-Delete Agreement

What can you do if you missed the submission deadline for the debt validation letter or Avante collections managed to verify the debt as yours? In that case, you could still attempt to negotiate a pay-for-delete agreement.

We always recommend negotiating with collection agencies in writing to ensure everything is accurately documented.

Collection agencies like Avante USA tend to purchase debts for pennies on the dollar, which means they are often open to negotiating to settle the account and turn a profit.

While negotiating down the value of the debt would be a bonus, the primary purpose is to get Avante USA to agree to remove the negative entry from your credit reports in exchange for your payment.

Once you have your agreement in hand, you can proceed with your payment and expect to see the changes made to your credits reports with Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax within a few weeks.

Be sure to follow up after thirty days if the negative tradeline is still present on your credit reports.

3. Hire a Credit Repair Professional

Not a born negotiator? Perhaps you hate confrontation. Whatever your reason may be, credit repair experts like Lexington Law are there to bear the burden of dealing with Avante USA.

They are used to handling debt collectors like Avante collections, plus their trained associates specialize in all matters of credit repair.

Lexington Law can answer any questions or concerns you may have related to Avante USA and any other credit-related issues.

Still not sure if it’s the right fit for you? You can start with a free consultation before deciding how you want to proceed.

Can Avante USA Sue Me or Garnish My Wages?

While it’s not a common occurrence, collection agencies like Avante USA can pursue debtors for overdue accounts.

If you reside in a state which allows wage garnishment, then Avante collections could attempt to garnish your pay provided the statutes of limitations have not expired.

It’s important to remember that debt collectors are not allowed to threaten false legal action or actions they have no plans to realistically pursue.

When a notification of a lawsuit is received, it is crucial not to ignore the summons. Failure to show up could lead to serious consequences; Avante USA could win a default judgment against you.

If you are facing a lawsuit, contact Lexington Law to handle the matter for you. They are not only a credit repair company but a team of lawyers versed in credit law.

Avante USA Complaints

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) list multiple complaints against Avante collections.

The BBB has even posted an alert on Avante USA’s profile, and their current rating is “D.” The alert advises consumers that since March 2016, there has been a pattern in the complaints received. These issues are still ongoing.   

The warning indicated the following pattern;

  • Attempting to collect on paid debts
  • Reporting inaccuracies and outdated information to the credit bureaus without first communicating with the debtor. 
  • Does not provide debt verification before reporting to the credit bureaus
  • Not communicating with debtors yet reporting to the credit bureaus

They maintain their low BBB rating due to their failure to resolve the underlying causes linked to the complaints received against them.

Avante USA Contact Information

Avante collections phone number: (832) 476-1470

Company website:

Mailing address

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How To Remove Avante USA From Your Credit Report