About Credit Rise Up

Hey there,

I’m Clara Bakhshi. While today I can proudly say I am a member of the 800 Credit Club, that was not always the case.

I begin working at an early age and saving my pennies away. I was so focused on avoiding any debt and believed that credit cards were the enemy.

Fast forward a few years, and I was unable to get a loan, not because I had terrible credit per se but because I had an insufficient credit history.

After that experience, I decided to fully verse myself on everything credit-related and start actively implementing steps to building my credit history and improving my credit score.

And by building my credit history and score, many doors opened up, which allowed me to secure the financing I needed to advance my business plans.

At Credit Rise Off, I want to provide a resource library so that you, too, can get informed, start making decisions, and get on the road to credit recovery.

Credit score diagram

*Canadian credit score (they go up to 900)