855-245-7098: Are They A Scam or legit?


Have you recently been receiving spam phone calls from 855-245-7098 and wonder who they are?

It’s important to identify any negative or inaccurate items on your credit report that may link back to 855-245-7098.

The number might also appear in the following formats;

855-245 -7098
855 245 7098
(855) 245-7098
(855) 245 7098

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Who is 855-245-7098?

In online forums, many complaints state that the phone calls received from 855-7098 come from Transworld Systems Incorporated, a debt collection agency.

Transworld Systems Incorporated remains one of the largest debt collectors in the United States.

Are 855-245-7098 Legitimate Collectors?

While collection agencies do tend to contact debtors for unpaid balances, one of the issues is whether the phone calls are actually coming from Transworld agents. 

The first thing to note, the phone number listed on the tsico.com website for questions or concerns regarding any phone calls or letters coming from them is 1-877-865-7686, not 855-245-7098

Many complaints on callercenter.com mention unprofessional behavior from the agents, several being FDCPA violations

  • Attempting collections on false debts.
  • Claiming they are unable to send any information by mail (example: validation of debt notice). 
  • Refusing to provide any information regarding the debt.
  • Making excessive phone calls each day.
  • Contacting family members (beyond a spouse) when the alleged debtor requests no further contact by phone. 

Even odder, some complaints mention the agents calling on behalf of collections while others receive sales calls for extended car warranties, both coming from 855-245-7098.

This number, along with a local phone number and some out of state phone numbers call multiple times a day, every day. It is the same thing all the time, tryingto sell me an extended car warranty for a car I no longer own….

BoyMom on shouldianswser.com

With such incertitude, it’s best to take precautions and request a debt validation notice by mail and not take any further calls. Be sure also to verify your credit reports for any unknown additions.

If you need help tackling this issue or help with reviewing your credit report, you can contact Credit Saint for assistance.

Can 855-245-7098 Sue Me?

While debt collections can sue under certain circumstances, if you are receiving spam calls for collections you don’t actually owe, it’s unlikely that you will have any issues. 

If you receive your validation of debt notice in the mail, then working with a professional credit repair company to help manage the collections efficiently and promptly is highly recommended.

How to get 855-245-7098 Removed from your Credit Report

If you have noticed a Transworld entry on your credit report and keep receiving phone calls from 855-245-7098, you may want to seek professional help at this time.

Credit Saint can examine your credit report to identify any issues you may have missed and help resolve those spam calls and inaccurate entries. 

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855-245-7098: Are They A Scam or legit?